The Baldwin Project Update, June 2021

The Baldwin Founders — people who have made a deposit on their new homes at The Baldwin — recently gathered at LaBelle Winery Derry for lunch and a project update. In addition to all the enthusiasm surrounding The Baldwin’s progress, Founders were excited to attend our first in-person Founder-exclusive event and begin meeting their future friends and neighbors.

Bob Coppola, construction project manager for The Baldwin, gave an overview of development at Woodmont Commons as it relates to The Baldwin, and then gave an update on The Baldwin’s progress toward groundbreaking. Following is the update he gave:

Meghan Bourgoine: Bob Coppola is The Baldwin’s construction project manager. He has been with Edgewood for eight years. Prior to that, he worked at Merrimack College in Andover, MA, for 25 years — 18 of those years as the facilities director. He brings to The Baldwin a wealth of knowledge and experience in construction and project management.

Bob Coppola: Thank you, Meghan. It’s a pleasure to be here, to see all of you, and to be in a room full of people. I’m going to give you a couple of updates on Woodmont Commons and then I’ll give you some updates on The Baldwin.

In Woodmont Commons, Derry Medical has made alterations to their original submittal with changes to their buildings and parking, and they anticipate going back before the town in late June to continue the process.

 An office building will be going in on the Pillsbury Road side of Woodmont Commons. There is an LOI (letter of intent) and they are in the process of due diligence to make sure the site will work for what they want to build. We expect the planning department process to take approximately six to twelve months.

Main Street Apartments (buildings 3A and 3B) are fully leased and there are plans for approximately 125 new apartments in two new buildings (4A and 4B). They are in the process of finding a partner to develop these buildings with underground parking.

 Across from the Baldwin on Woodmont Avenue, they are working with another group looking to construct approximately 200 apartments.  They are in the due diligence period and haven’t introduced the project to the planning board yet.

On the expansion of Route 102, there have been alterations to the exchanges for getting on and off the highway. That work is almost complete — they have done final paving, lines have been painted, and lights are up. This was a requirement of the state, and its completion means The Baldwin can start building.

All utilities — electric, water, sewage — are now within 10-20 feet of our perimeter so, when we start construction of The Baldwin, we will attach to those utilities.

The Baldwin has received all required permits from the state and town. There are two other permits — a building permit and an alteration of terrain permit — that will be secured by the contractor. But The Baldwin is ready and has satisfied all of the criteria we were required to meet.

We are scheduled to begin sitework on The Baldwin this fall. Sitework includes moving dirt and grading, putting in utilities and roads, putting in detention basins, and starting on foundations. This process will take three to six months.

 Our completion schedule is spring/summer of 2023.

We recently completed a conformed set of drawings, which is the final set of drawings that goes to the general contractor and subcontractors. Because these are now done, we will soon have scale drawings of floor plans with room dimensions you can use to plan the layout of furniture in your apartment homes. We anticipate these will be available in June. In addition, Founders who reserve apartments early will have an opportunity to select interior customizations.


Pictured: Bob Coppola, construction project manager for The Baldwin, answers questions from attendees.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about The Baldwin,

call The Baldwin Welcome Center at 603-404-6080.

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