Flexible. Expansive. On-Site.

At The Baldwin, we do health care your way.

An important consideration when choosing a senior living community is the availability of a full continuum of on-site health care. At The Baldwin in Londonderry, NH, resident members will have access to our complete continuum of health care options with a flexible system designed to meet your needs where you want to be. And, with the option of a LifeCare Type A* contract, you’ll have unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Why is The Baldwin doing things differently?

Our modern understanding of what it takes to remain healthy as we age has grown by leaps and bounds, and many of today’s seniors are living longer, healthier lives. With a focus on whole-person wellness, Life Plan Communities* like The Baldwin help make this possible by providing convenient access to routine health screenings, countless ways to enhance physical fitness, the opportunity to build and strengthen social connections, and abundant programs and amenities that support an active, engaged lifestyle.

The happy result of this is that fewer seniors ever need the types of services that require long-term care in a stereotypical, clinical nursing home. That’s very good news for the vast majority of people who say they dread the idea of moving to one. And it’s the thinking behind The Baldwin’s flexible system of expansive, on-site health care.

What services will be available on-site?

In addition to a partner-managed medical clinic for acute needs, residents at The Baldwin will have priority access to a full continuum of healthcare services on our campus including personal care, home health services provided by a preferred partner, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, memory support, and hospice services. We will be licensed by The State of New Hampshire as an Assisted Living Residences–Supported Residential Health Care Facility (ALR–SRHCF). Under this license, The Baldwin will be staffed and equipped to provide the care you need where you most want to be — your home.

For a detailed list of healthcare services that will be available on our campus — including a worksheet you can use to compare our services to other communities — please download our informational packet: Health Care at The Baldwin.

* Life Plan Communities are also known as continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs.

Contract Options and Health Care at The Baldwin

The Baldwin offers a choice of two contract options that will determine how you pay for health care in our community should you ever need it.

  • Life Care Type A: Under this option, you will have guaranteed access to The Baldwin’s health-related services including unlimited, lifelong care in the Supported Residential Health Care assisted living or memory support households, with little cost beyond your monthly service fee. In addition, a portion of your entrance fee and your monthly fee may be tax-deductible.**
  • Fee-for-Service: Under this option, you will have guaranteed access to The Baldwin’s assisted living and other health-related services. You will be responsible for the full cost of the services you use.

If you have long-term care insurance, be sure to check the details of your policy before deciding which contract type is best for you. Most, but not all, policies have benefits that can be used to help cover the cost of home care services and assisted living.

** Consult your financial advisor for details regarding your personal tax situation.

Have more questions?

For answers to more frequently asked questions about health care at The Baldwin, please download our information packet and worksheet: Health Care at The Baldwin.

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